Antarctica, Winter 1982 (ivorjawa) wrote,
Antarctica, Winter 1982

vibram kso

I can't do anything halfway.

So, I can run again.

Did about 5.5 miles of jogging over uneven terrain, sand running, bouldering, and WALKING ON THE FUCKING PAVEMENT, in 1.5 hours, before I turned my GPS off. Maybe another 4 miles of walking after that.

So, not bad. Slow, but I wasn't going for speed records here. I just wanted to see if I could run again.

I love these shoes. I'm never going to want to wear anything else. Other than a small bleeding problem which is easily addressable with BodyGlide (and won't be a problem at all after I get used to the seams in these shoes), the KSOs vastly overperformed expectations.

I had a BLT and a really awesome IPA at Magnola after I was done. Was slightly disappointed that nobody commented on my shoes. I hurt. In a good way. I'm sweaty, sunburned, covered with sand, and bloody. And incredibly fucking happy.

I'm back, yo.

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